Are you getting what you paid for from your auto insurer?

Auto insurance premiums continue to rise in Ontario at the same time, benefits are being reduced and limited. In today’s Toronto Star, Ellen Roseman outlines how since September 1, 2010, automobile insurers are classifying 80 percent of all injuries as “minor injuries” which automatically limits all medical and rehabilitation benefits available to an injured victim to $3,500. This $3,500 limit also includes the costs for travel to appointments, administration costs and assessments. The $3,500 is completely inadequate and does not provide nearly enough coverage for those who are injured in automobile accidents. Consider that you are likely paying at a minimum of $1,000 a year in premiums and likely much more. It is unlikely that you will ever need to access your auto insurance benefits but consider that even after paying over $10,000 in auto insurance premiums over a 10 year period, when you actually need the benefits you will be told that your benefits are limited to a total of $3,500. Does this seem fair or just?

Read Ellen Roseman’s article here.